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Postnatal and Infant Feeding Course

I currently offer a fully comprehensive antenatal course (8-10 hours of content) in the form of KGHypnobirthing. Whilst I am so passionate about this, I’ve also realised that as a midwife, I have a lot of information, knowledge & tips about the postnatal period and infant feeding that I could share!

So, I am really excited to announce that I have spent lots of time creating a fun & detailed 4hour online class full of evidence-based information on the postnatal period. This will include:
- what to expect physically & emotionally
- care of your baby (nappy changing, bathing, safe sleeping)
- breastfeeding your baby - what responsive feeding means, position & attachment, how to hand express, signs of effective feeding.
- information on formula feeding your baby

The class will be an additional and optional extra to the hypnobirthing course I currently offer. The content is my own and sourced from a variety of evidence based guidance. 

Price: £25 per couple if done as a group (groups done ad hoc depending on demand) or £50 for 1:1 sessions.

Please email to enquire. 


Please note, this course is in no way linked to The NHS - if you are looking for free antenatal resources, please speak to your midwife.

"Very practical course with lots of detailed information on what to expect in the first few days/weeks of having a new baby. Would strongly recommend this course for first time parents as we now feel very well informed and confident on all aspects of postnatal care including safe sleeping and infant feeding even answering questions which were personal to our situation. This also includes a document which we will be referring back to. Thank you Rachel for a professionally delivered course and for following up on any questions we had"

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