Postnatal and Infant Feeding Course


I currently offer a fully comprehensive antenatal course (8-10 hours of content) in the form of KGHypnobirthing. Whilst I am so passionate about this, I’ve also realised that as a midwife, I have a lot of information, knowledge & tips about the postnatal period and infant feeding that I could share!

So, I am really excited to announce that I have spent lots of time creating a fun & detailed 4hour online class full of evidence-based information on the postnatal period. This will include:
- what to expect physically & emotionally
- care of your baby (nappy changing, bathing, safe sleeping)
- breastfeeding your baby - what responsive feeding means, position & attachment, how to hand express, signs of effective feeding.
- information on formula feeding your baby

The class will be an additional and optional extra to the hypnobirthing course I currently offer. The content is my own and sourced from a variety of evidence based guidance. 

Price: £25 per couple

Please email me to book. 

Classes will be held monthly (subject to numbers)


 Please note, this course is in no way linked to The NHS - if you are looking for free antenatal resources, please speak to your midwife.

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