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Antenatal classes in Oxfordshire | Hypnobirthing classes in Oxfordshire | Midwife-led antenatal education 

Blissful Birthing provides antenatal education in the form of KGHypnobirthing sessions (the original UK hypnobirthing course designed especially for Parents in the UK).
Sessions are run by Registered Midwife and KGHypnobirthing Teacher Rachel

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Blissful Birthing offers:

  • A complete antenatal education package - there is no need to book any other private antenatal class!

  • The choice of group sessions or one-to-one (online). Group sessions are open to those living in surrounding areas too (Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Wardwickshire).

  • The opportunity to create an invaluable support network with other local parents.

  • The reassurance that sessions are provided by an experienced midwife who has attended Royal College of Midwives accredited course KGHypnobirthing Teacher Training.

  • Available ongoing email support from your teacher. 

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